Season Ticket FAQ

Dear Supporter

We have had a fantastic response since season tickets went on sale on Monday, thank you to everyone who has already bought one, your support is very much appreciated and we can't wait to welcome you to New Meadow Park for the first home league game with supporters in 14 years.

There have been a number of questions sent to us by email and via social media, so we thought we would share the answers with everyone:

- Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely, please email Trev King or [email protected] for an application form

- Why haven't you given last season's season ticket holders a discount or made a gesture?

Simply put, we can't afford to. We processed over 100 refunds or part refunds on season tickets last season and many commercial deals were cancelled. The club has had to take an emergency loan to cover costs while we wait for Sport England funding to come through. We therefore cannot reduce our income from season tickets for this forthcoming season, otherwise we would have to cut budgets and that would make competing at the top of the league even harder.

-Why haven't you thanked last year's season ticket holders?

We cannot thank last year's season ticket holders enough and we did make many statements through last season thanking everyone for thier support of the football club. Extended thanks to everyone who didn't request a refund, but we do also fully appreciate those that needed to be refunded as many people have struggled financially thought the pandemic. We are just sorry we couldn't complete the season and get the job done.

- "There weren't any mentions of refunds"

Co-chairman Alex Petheram did make a number of statements and mentioned in interviews that supporters were entitled to refunds and as previously mentioned we issued over 100 refunds. We are sorry if not all of our supporters had access to this information. Alex has re-iterated that if you do wish to receive a refund then please contact the club.

- Why aren't kids free this season?

We have amended the terms on the website to state that under 5s go free so we're sorry that wasn't made clear. The problem we have is that The National League are insisting clubs use ticketing systems next season. These cost a lot of money to set-up and run and will need full time staff to administer. Therefore our costs just to let people into New Meadow Park have increased and we need to cover these costs otherwise we run at a loss. An under 16 season ticket is just over £1.00 per game and standard entry will be £2.00, we feel this is very good value for money.

- "There is a big jump in costs from Under 16 to Over 16"

Unfortunately there needs to be a cut off at some point. Over 16s tend not to bring full paying adults with them which is why we can heavily discount our under 16 tickets. We took a decision as a club to enable all school age children to come to games as cheaply as possible without making a loss. If you are part of a family with young adults please email the club and we will do all we can to help make the season tickets affordable

Students with a Valid ID can choose the 16-18 and Student ticket, but will have to show their student ID on entering the ground.

- Why have you increased prices from last season?

This was the toughest decision we had to make, but costs are increasing everywhere and as a football club we have to balance the books. We want to give the supporters a team competing at the top end of the table after many many seasons fighting relegation. Better players cost more, better coaches cost more, running a full time football team is very expensive. We want to give the supporters a football team playing great football and fighting for promotion. Our season tickets cost considerably less than many clubs at our level with Kidderminster Harriers charging £275.00, we believe at just over £10.00 a game for adults, the season tickets really are great value. The season ticket allows entry to all home league games for not only the first team, but U18, U21, U23 and Women's teams too.

- Why do the terms and conditions say we can't access the bar on match days?

This only applies to first team games, you can access the bar and use your 10% discount for U18, U21, U23 and Women's games and any other day when the bar is open. We have a limit on numbers due to Covid, fire and licensing capacity calculations and numbers. We are working on a solution but that is why we have to do something to limit numbers. We can now sell alcohol at the two red food stands on the west side of stadium and so on match days you can get your pre match tipple from there. When we go ahead with the next phase of the stadium, the bar will be a priority.

We thank you again for your support, it means the world to the players, coaches and staff.