Streaming FAQ

Q. I’ve purchased my streaming pass, what now?

A. You will receive an email with your passcode, on the streaming player input the passcode into the box making sure to use the exact (case sensitive) passcode and leaving no spaces at the beginning or the end. The streaming player will now be active and ready to play

Q. I’ve think I’ve made a payment but the streaming player is still saying ‘processing your payment’?

A. If this persists, check your emails to see if you have received your payment receipt and passcode. Refresh the browser window in which the streaming player is open, or just close it and open it again and input the passcode.

Q. I think I’ve mistakenly made two payments!

A. Email and we will check and issue a refund provided that you haven’t used both passcodes

Q. I’m a season ticket holder but I haven’t received my streaming passcode?

A. The passcodes are sent via email usually one or two days before home matches. Check your spam folder, if by the day of the game you still haven’t received it email Trev via

Q. I’ve tried all of the above and it’s still not working?

A. Sorry about this - 99% of people experience no issues, it may be your network connection or just good old gremlins in the works. Email and we’ll do our best to issue a refund if you’ve paid and not used your passcode